Welcome to QuickCred, we really appreciate your interest in forming part of our brand new solution in credentialing software, in order to suit your needs better we need to know more about your credentialing process. Please answer the following questions:

1. How many providers does your organization have?

2. How many payers does your organization work with?

3. How many providers require immediate enrollments and/or re enrollments?

4. What is the current total enrollment required? (Example: If you have 10 providers who are credentialed and 2 requires re enrollment to 10 payers immediately this number would be 20)

5. How many Medicare enrollments are required?

6. Does your organization currently handle hospital Privilege Delineations as part of your credentialing programs?

7. Does your credentialing process requires online sign up at any credentialing entities? (CAQH, PECOS, etc.)

8. How many Facilities/Practice locations require credentialing in your organization?

9. And finally please tell us, what are the main challenges of your credentialing process?